Stefan Feser

Front-end Developer

I am a freelance front-end developer based in Stuttgart, Germany. I love traveling and working remotely, photography and surfing. I'm also a lecturer at SAE Institute.

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My name is Stefan Feser and I’m a freelance front-end developer from Stuttgart, Germany.
I like to write JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS and sometimes I do some backend stuff with NodeJS or PHP.

I build web applications with modern JavaScript by using libraries and frameworks like React, Angular and other great technologies. I enjoy writing maintainable and scalable code for all kinds of user interfaces.

Speaking & Lecturing

I’m also a lecturer at SAE Institute, teaching the webdesign & development course in several front-end related things:

I’m passionate about photography and love traveling around the world.
Taking pictures with my Leica anywhere I go and trying to surf as much as possible while working remotely from various places is currently my biggest project.

If you’re interested in some of my pictures, check out my Instagram.