Stefan Feser

Front-end Developer

I am a freelance front-end developer based in Stuttgart, Germany. I love traveling and working remotely, photography and surfing. I'm also a lecturer at SAE Institute.

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VanillaJS webapp starterkit

Checkout my personal VanillaJS web app to kickstart a new app (Github).

I’m playing around with ES2015, Babel and Gulp. I don’t use any components or frameworks in this repository. (Only VanillaJS).
I’m trying to update it regularly. Feel free to use and modify it.


Components / Dev dependencies

There are already some basic components included:

  • Normalize-SCSS
  • Gulp

I use SASS as CSS Preprocessor.



You need to have Bower, Gulp and npm installed.


1.) Clone this repository:

git clone cd basic-webapp 


2.) Install Bower components

bower install 


3.) Install Gulp modules/tasks

npm install 


4.) Inject Bower components in index.html

gulp bower-install 


5.) Run Gulp



That’s it! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.